11 Safe ways to prevent robberies 

Ways to prevent robberies

The number of robberies has increased in today’s world. We may not be completely safe from being robbed. But the risk can be mitigated by following some precautions.

Study self-defense techniques. Improve your martial arts skills, but do not put your life in unnecessary danger. Even if the individual is a self-defense expert, a split-second mistake during a fight can result in serious injuries. The following are a few tips to prevent robberies.

Avoid the danger before it comes to you.

Remember, we are not superhuman who can defeat all the villains we meet on the road, in a bar, or the cinema, as they appear in Hollywood movies. The advice of self-defense experts and law enforcement officers is to avoid confrontations at all costs. The following guide is prepared according to the above concept of avoiding risky confrontations.

Preventing robberies

1. Always be on the lookout. Take a look around and be mindful of your surroundings. People and unusual things are also included.

Keep an eye out for suspicious people based on their appearance and behavior.

2. Show confidence—show your personality. Keep your hands free as much as possible, keep your head up while you walk, and avoid carrying lots of packages.
Show that you are calm, vigilant, and confident. The robber might understand that you are not an easy target.

Maintain vigilance from time to time. Do not lose awareness on surround while using a mobile phone or headphones for long periods. Social media can keep you unaware for a long time.

3. Use the instincts you have. If something or someone appears unusual and makes you uneasy, leave the location and go to a safer place. If you notice someone following you on the road, go immediately to the population. If you notice someone acting suspiciously as you approach the elevator, do not enter (don’t worry about wasting time; wait for the next turn).

4. Give additional attention when using transitional spaces on your way—remember to call your family member before you leave the office.
Walking from your office to your car at the park. while you are getting into the car. If your keys are equipped with an alarm button, have your finger ready to press it 
When you first enter the house through the door, prepare for it not to delay at the door/gate.
Get additional security using new technological equipment for preventing robberies.

While walking at night, be cautious to prevent robberies.
While walking at night, be cautious to prevent robberies.

5. Inform your neighbors about your workplace. Update your company about personal information changes.
6. Use well-lit streets and populated areas only. Avoid shortcuts, wooded areas, alleys, and isolated parking lots and garages if they are not very secure. Do not get into notorious areas. 

7. Walk with friends or in a group. Use Google Maps before you leave and become familiar with the route you have to take. Get some information about the places you can easily meet your requirements. Communicate with the person there before go for it. It is not only for security but also for efficiency in work completion.

8. Do not have large amounts of money. Do not carry any other valuable items if they are not required. Robbers can use their instincts to scan us.

9. Plan your expenses for the day and do not use ATMs at night as a safety practice. Robbers often wait for the individuals who return with withdrawal money when it is dark outside.  

Never use an ATM if you are uneasy about people nearby. Notify security if any anomalies are discovered.

10. Use well-lit public transportation stops. 
11. Make use of a personal self-defense device.

During A Robbery  

Remember that your safety comes first since any property or money can be replaced but your life cannot. If you have any chance to get a look at the robber, keep in mind anything distinctive about him, notice the age, height, race, speech, clothing, tattoo, odor, pattern, and the vehicle used to get away.  

Do not pursue them in an unnecessary and dangerous manner. (Do not expect any mercy from the robber). Call police

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