6 Essential self-defense practices for you

How many assaults, sexual harassment, robberies are daily reported in news?

Are we really developed in the 21st century? In minimizing them, we believe that DefenseTrendz has a responsibility. We always try to expand your knowledge on self-defense practices by updating on the latest reveals by experts. And also as a worldwide partner to share experience in developing self-defense-related activities.

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Aware of good self-defense practices is the best way to avoid robberies, assaults, sexual harassment

This article is discussing the best practices we may follow to survive the danger we may face anywhere at any time. The person who faces the danger may be good in combative martial arts but due to an eye blink time mistake, the ending may go bad. Always be prepared with self-defense skills as well as the following practices which may lead you to increase the chances of survival.

1. Pay proper attention to the surrounding of you

A thief, attacker, or individual who looking for sexual harassment are real observers. They are experts in identifying the confidence of the victim, personality (They can scan, Not only these but also the amount of money inside the pocket also). After the scanning, he starts the attack/aggression on us making it a surprise on the victim.

By paying attention to the surrounding, we can have an idea about the people out there, their behaviors, their appearance. If any doubt observed – Leave immediately.

Although you have to use the mobile outside do not distract. While you check updates on social media, email, or while having a call the concentration on surrounding may fade. The attacker can identify your mentality he may have the correct time to have a surprise attack and the situation turns to a good opportunity to the attacker.

In listening to the music while running or walking, use low enough volume to hear outside noises also or use one earphone. Check around and always be alert. especially these situations are the easy chances to the attacker.

2. Best self-defense practice – Avoid being fights/tense situations

Leaving early is the best reaction in acting against an upcoming danger, avoiding confrontation is better than being in a fight, not only getting attacked by the opponent, although you won the situation the legal actions will be a headache.

In my personal experience in martial art training, one of my instructors who won several National & International championships worked for the Prison department actually a dangerous environment to work with, instructed not to take part in fights.

A person who follows doubtfully – Leave him, 

Who shouts at the street challenging your driving – Bow the head, say sorry by waving hand, and drive

Doubtful person in an elevator – Do not enter, wait for the next turn

3. Show your strong personality to the aggressor

Attackers always want to find the weakest to get complete the thing done quickly and to leave the location without disturbance. The people who are on the way home after busy work hours are very likely to confuse and distracted due to tiredness.

Appear strong, show confidence.

Head up, shoulders back, be aware

Do not give any chance to be an easy target.

4. Communication as a self-defense practice

From my personal experience, which I faced at the early time I moved to the city for work, this is one of the most important in the list.

Strong verbal communication along with body language is the foundation of self-defense practices. They can make the victim by using the words to helpless, confused & freeze by fear.

I do not recommend too much aggressive argument on the street but I recommend controlled, confident verbal boundaries to show that you are strong enough and not easy to control.

5. My instructor said it’s a passive stance

Passive stance, self-defense practices
Using passive stance is a good self-defense practice

While communicating keep your hands open towards the opponent. Do not use any fist-up movement you use in martial art training, it may make the aggressor much angrier and encourage him to attack. This posture I describe above is a sign to the attacker that “I don’t want to get into trouble with you”

The argument may not go up the level of fight.

Unfortunately, if it comes to the uncontrollable condition

With this passive stance, Now you have the superior weapon in self-defense. Use the extreme weapon called surprise type attack on the attacker at an eye blink period when the correct time presents. (The passive stance opens the opportunity to have many dirty & dangerous attacks with the element of surprise) If you are good in throwing attacks, I’m sure the opponent may not have any opportunity to counter it.

Chief Instructor Reece Coker explains stances

6. Go back keep a safer space

Awake from the myth of face-to-face argument in a cinema or choreographed fight sports. Keep always a comfortable personal space. The space can support you to have a guard as well as a chance to counter the opponent.

Please comment better self-defense practices you are believe with. It will be an opportunity for me to update on the way to face against the real threat.

Keep practice, Update always.


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