6 Tips: How to Survive in a Crowd Crush

Some people love to participate in massive events, like festivals, musical shows. They want to unwind their minds from the stress and complexity of their daily lives. People were stuck in their homes during the pandemic period as well.

But remind them that the crowd can be dangerous. The density of the space can be drastically increased in seconds. The people will be helpless in such a situation.

This type of incident can occur at any time, and major tragedies have occurred in recent years as well. Control is beyond us in times of severe crowd crush, even if the individual is strong or large in size.

The following are a few strategies explained by crowd-planning experts to be safe in a crowd crush.

To survive a crowd crush

1. Check the arrangement while entering the event.

Ticked events are mainly safe. The organizers may take safety precautions the majority of the time when planning. Open-space functions arranged on roads, grounds can also be dangerous, but the standing audience in a covered area is the most dangerous in a crowd.

see the control measures taken at the event, like barriers, signs, organizers, or security officers

Although the control measures are seams to be satisfying, could you depend on them only? Keep your eyes on your loved ones always. Care about the safety of them and the people around you.

The trend of having photos while the family is at events is good since these photos can be shown to authorities in case of emergency.

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One of the most effective ways to control crowd crush is through the use of security officers and organizers.

2. Be aware of exits and safe locations.

Look at the arrangement of the event once you walk in. Get aware of the closest exit near your location. However, keep in mind that stairways, aisles, and revolving doors can become clogged in seconds.

3. How do you know when something is dangerous?

Try to identify the signs that the space is getting dangerously dense. If you observe the people pushing around. Immediately move away from the space before it gets worse.

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Be aware of exits and safe locations.

4. In a crowd crush

Bring your hands to your chest and take a boxer’s stance. This position supports you in maintaining a safe space between you and the person in front of you. The foot positions of this standing help to withstand the pressure because one foot is more forward than the other.

If you drop something, do not try to bend down and collect it. You will not be able to get back up, and if you fall down on the ground, it is bad.

Try to stay calm, don’t waste energy, don’t scream, and control your breath.

5. If you fall to the ground, lie on your side.

If you fall, turn to your left side on the ground, since this position can protect internal organs. If you are on your stomach or back, others will fall on you, and you might press to the ground with the human flow passing on you.

6. Exit through the flaw in a diagonal direction.

After the crowd push, there will be a lull for a few seconds. Once you have the opportunity to exit the crowd, use the diagonal side of the movement.

cannot ensure that the main entrances we use in general are safe and accessible at a crowd crush since these locations can be jammed, use windows, or even a fence that is easy to climb, emergency exit.

For more detail, <The Difference Between Crowd Crush and Stampede>

As we discussed in our self-defense articles, when confronted with real-world adversity. Awareness of the surroundings , avoiding danger before it comes to us are the main concepts in surviving this type of incident as well.

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