7 Ways, Krav Maga make you perfect.

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Krav Maga is an effective reality-based defense system. Founded by Hungarian veteran martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld. He was a good practitioner in several martial arts and understood the limitations of martial arts in the situation of actual danger. He mixed the essential movements from his experience to survive in an actual fight we may face anywhere at any time.

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The defense against the knife attack. The practice of Krav Maga,

Following 7 tips I collected from my own experience I received from my short period of training. You can join me in adding your experience and it will be a motivation for me also in developing.

Combined techniques from multiple avenues.

You may love the techniques, movements in the training since many of them are taken from boxing, Kickboxing, knife fighting, stick fighting, aikido, karate, judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and many more. You may love these no boring movements since you can easily understand their importance in the reality. Most of these techniques are your favorites already since most of the students are previously martial art followers who are willing to find the reality.

Motivation to life

Effectiveness of Krav maga techniques

Anyone can be a victim of a sudden violent attack at any time surprising at the home, street, bar, workplace, cinema. The news observed from the media is also a motivation to follow. As the premier modern self-defense system popular all over the world. Some defense systems, I observed when I search on them, are discussed in social media but not still spread over the world to learn, some of them are only for military and security personnel. In this viewpoint, Krav Maga is easy to reach. Since the instructors and also the authorities of foundations are doing well in making a safer world for the next generation.

Perfect development

To get proficiency in martial arts considerable years of training are required with commitment but to get basic skills in self-defense to manage difficult situations comparatively less time duration is enough. I observed expert recommends six months of training under a good instructor can make an individual to a considerable level. 

Since the Krav Maga training is not only framed into physical development but also to educate the students on de-escalation, verbal aggression management, body language, awareness on the attack, avoiding the fight, prevention of crime, threat management  

Moderate fitness is enough for all

In using the techniques we learnt in the training, moderate fitness is enough, since the attacks are pointed on to the vulnerable parts of the body which may highly painful. When the correct time is itself at the time of the fight, the practitioner knows the suitable technique from the training he received. Most of the attacks to counter the aggressor are pointed to the groin, eyes, neck, solar plexus, and spine also.

You may have definitely seen this “No groin, No Krav Maga

Natural reflexes but effectively

Effective movements in Krav Maga

Open-handed ready positions used in Krav Maga is excellent in the viewpoint body language. It is a signal of that saying “I don’t want trouble with you” this does not encourage the aggressor to hit me (In hand fist up stance, can encourage the aggressor to start the fight)

In counter-attack also krav Maga uses the human natural body movements which can make quickly and also efficiently. Moreover, these movements take only eyeblink time to finish the fight.

Best Training techniques

No deeply rooted traditional forms are also to improve the efficiency of the student. Due to the limitation of physical or flexibility if any of the techniques cannot be followed by the individual he may find many alternatives in the carrier. This flexibility in krav Maga can make all into a better position without considering age limit, physical condition, or limitation.

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Young woman practicing basic self-defense moves during training at gym with male partner, using painful technique for eyes of opponent

Protective equipment like groin guards, mouth shields are always used in training. To have the actual power, the speed we may face in the street. And it is better to have the sense of getting hit to condition the body as well as the mind to the reality. Train the mind helps act effectively and to control fear calmly and smoothly.

New Hobby to life

This is my personal experience, the lessons I received from the first day of my training were impressed me to discuss, practice, and find from YouTube also. I watched every technique several times and from the channels of various instructors.

From the day I was asked to have hand gloves, I was so impressed in having MMA gloves, it feels like a real fighter & confident also.

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