7 Ways: Save from multiple attackers

Defend from multiple attackers

You are not the Batman or Superman who have superpowers to defend from danger. Spider-man will not come from the sky to help you to bring you away from human predators around you. In the current world being attacked by others is common (See news every day)

I believe the matter will be much complicated while the attacker comes along with a group (Multiple attackers)

In preparing for Actual danger we may face at anywhere any time. We have to think about the worst thing that can be happened.

Following are a few tips to survive against multiple attackers.

1. Look around, scan the surrounding

Look around, scan surroundings, and update on the things that happen around you, Do not distract (Even using mobile as we discussed earlier by the articles). You may have some early warning signs about the danger.

Dr. Mark Phillips’s advice to develop observational skills against multiple attackers

2. Show good personality – I’m not an easy target

Bad to show any sign of fear. Show your personality, be smart every time to outsiders. Behave tough enough and be confident to show that “I’m not an easy target”. Attackers do not like to get this type of person into their victim list. Since they do not want to waste time on doubtful mistakes which may have a bad return.

3. Avoiding and de-escalation of fights

Verbal De-escalation: How To Talk Your Way Out Of A Fight

as per the self-defense experts, the best defense is avoiding confrontation every time. Go away as earlier as possible before too late to do it. 

One or two aggressors may argue with you (although You are good at fighting also) another one may out of your eyes while your mind is concentrated on the argument. This type of surprise attack may bring the worst situation to the scene. 

Therefore avoid every time, don’t think your pride. The feeling of leaving the situation may not hurt you than the pain after the confrontation, though you won (legal matters) or you got hit by others.

4. Run, Run if you can

Though you are a skilled fighter or not a skilled fighter, run to the public. This may cause to separate the predators and increase the chance of survival by asking for help.

5. Go away from the cluster of multiple attackers

By having effective movements and keeping a safe distance you can get control of positioning. Caught into the predators’ cluster can be dangerous. Maintain effective backward and round movements to get one of the attackers in front of you while the others are behind him. When you fight with one of them be ready enough for the approach of the next attacker.

This concept of not being exposed to attackers will help you to keep your attention continuously. The concentration may not be divided. Awake from the myth of cinemas and entertainment fighting sports since we are not super humans to defeat all others.

Master Oren Mellul explains on self-defense against multiple attackers

6. Do not expect mercy, be violent in action

When two or more gather against you prepare for the violence which will come next. Give your full effort to win, hit hard, strike faster, use maximum strength, do not give up. Overwhelm opponents. 

Use dirty techniques to overcome the violence.

7. Attack first, do it surprisingly

Do not depend on sport martial arts, do deadly attacks like eye poke, knee break, attack to groin/throat/solar plexus. Prepare with legal weapons, practice using improvised weapons.

Continual preparation in self-defense may make you suitable to face the situation not only physically but also with a strong mentality. Effective training can make a beginner physically and mentally conditioned person in a short span of time.

Read our previous articles on the importance of martial art training as well as self-defense training. Moreover the difference in-between them. The facts you find in self-defense training other than martial art training.

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