A secret to military success: Martial arts training

Self-defense training is essential to the military.

When we think of the military, images of the latest technology, powerful weapons, modern air crafts, nuclear ships, and submarines come to mind. But the person who handles those physical things is a human who should have the ability to do the maximum under pressure, even in an extremely tough situation, sometimes without considering his own life.  

Training in martial arts is one of the key methods to develop according to the requirements of military. When a soldier is unable to use firearms, martial arts come to the support.

The top martial arts used by the military

Both self-defense skills and martial arts training are essential.

The following are the most important facts about martial arts from the standpoint of developing a military person through martial arts.

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Not only weapon training but also self-defense training is essential to the military.

Benefits of martial arts training to military personnel.

  • Martial arts training can reveal the capabilities of the practitioner. Both physical strength as well as mental strength. 
  • Training develops the discipline and patience of the soldiers.
  • Soldiers are updated in the tactical fighting techniques of hand-to-hand combat and close-range fighting.

Following is a list of the official martial arts of the militaries of the main countries. The soldiers are trained in a variety of fighting methods that are appropriate for the situation.

Comment on your martial art or self-defense system that you follow and the self-defense system used by the military of your country to maintain their perfection.

Martial arts & self-defense systems of militaries

  • Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)—the current martial arts program taught by the US Marine Corps to individuals with 5 levels of proficiency
  • Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary System (SCARS) – This martial arts program was taught to US Navy Seals in the 1980s and 1990s. The system uses an offensive mindset to improve the efficiency of the individual and to work under a “do or die” condition.
  • US Army Combatives Program— This martial arts system developed for the US Army. A closed combat system was developed with strikes, grappling, submissions, and weapons as well. 
  • Special Air Service (SAS) – Any current or former British SAS member does not reveal the techniques they used. It is not to undermine training effectiveness and use it against themselves.
Soldiers in special military units are experts in self-defense skills.
Soldiers in special military units are experts in self-defense skills.
  • Defendu – A British martial arts system, was taught to Strategic Services agents and Allied troops in World War 2. The techniques used were effectively derived from several martial arts, but due to the demands of peacetime after World War II, the military did not adhere to this system to the same extent.
  • KAPAP – Defense system used by some elite Israeli military units. In comparison to Krav Maga, the practitioners are more dedicated and the techniques have less exposure to the civilian population.
  • Krav Maga –The techniques are developed to finish the fight quickly, so the vulnerable organs of the body are attacked by the strikes. defense system used by the Israeli Defense Forces. 
  • Combat Sambo – A martial art that has a Russian military background. Similar to mixed martial arts, which are composed of strikes, grappling, wrestling, and joint locks
  • Systema – System utilized by Russian military units such as the Spetsnaz (Special Forces). Practitioners are trained to face real-life combat situations to protect against multiple armed opponents.
  • Teukgong Moosool – Teukgong Moosool (or Tukong Moosul) is a martial art that was developed by South Korean special forces units. consist of taekwondo, judo, and hapkido techniques with weapon training.
  • Jukendo – Jukendo is a Japanese martial art focused on the bayonet. The techniques are to improve the soldier in a realistic application.
  • Lerdrit – Lerdrit is a martial art used by the Royal Thai Army. considered the military version of Muay Thai
  • Sanshou – Developed for the Chinese military. Not only for self-defense applications but also as a combat sport 


Many of the defense systems used by militaries are observed to be composed of several disciplines that use techniques best suited to reality. Many of these self-defense systems are composed of the countries’ own traditional martial arts.

Some of these self-defense systems can be taught to civilians as well. The main example is Krav Maga, but civilians may not know 100% about the techniques used by the military. but this is a good opportunity to keep society safe and educated on self-defense.

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