7 Tips to Attack First & Knock Out the aggressor

Starting a fight without avoiding it, is a bad thing that cannot be predicted the result. (Attack first to the opponent or continuing argument unnecessarily)

While you are focused on the aggressor’s movements and argue with him, one of your opponents can interfere with the confrontation suddenly (who were out from your eyes) can attack you, grab, or chock. While the human predators use weapons the scenario would be tougher.

Fines under the law also will be a headache even you hit the opponent/win or you get hit by him also. de-escalation & avoiding fights are highly recommended all the time.

Never engage in fighting

Without showing pride uselessly, walking away is the instruction of the self-defense experts. But hormones and alcohol would make it difficult.

A Person who understands self-defense concepts well, does not engage with a fight easily. He may do at only the situation pushes him to the unavoidable extent. Considering the defense of his own and loved ones. If fighting is the only option to survive.

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Good or bad return – Attack first to the opponent

Master Wong explains the concept of Attack first

This article discusses surprise attacks, as well as being the first attacker in a fight.

If you hit first to the opponent along with surprise, believe that you completed a higher percentage of confrontation towards the successful completion, since you started up with a fast free shot with a confident, planned perfect attack at a correct time and accurately.

Since the concept of self-defense is not to have fights for rounds of minutes but to overwhelm the opponent as quickly as possible, finish them and escape the situation.

If you did not start, he would do, once he did, you may knock out if he is good at throwing punches, kicks. Waiting for the action of the aggressor may be the waiting for getting injured or maybe your last waiting which may end up the life.

Estimate the situation until the last point get aware, whether they are to open hitting or just peeping into your limits.

Be first, do fast & make it surprise

1. Held up open hands, keep distance 

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Passive stance for self-defense

To the non-confrontation stance (passive stance). This shows the sign of that “I don’t want to get trouble with you”

  • A low kick to the groin, knee
  • Open hand jab to the throat
  • Painful shin attack from the edge or toe of a shoe without much throwing body
  • Open palm heel attack to the face
  • Many dirty attacks followed by combinations

2. Speak, show submissive

Ask for help from outsiders; ask not to be hurt by the aggressor. Best time to have a surprise attack

3. Holding an object as a shield

Just have Bag, book, or a tool you use at workplace. If it is hard used to hit. If it is soft use it throws on to the opponent and opens a chance to hit surprise

Stab with a key, pencil, pen after drag suddenly

4. Run, turn around and attack

Backpedal the position while you leave the argument, especially to escape from a cluster of opponents. They can have a surprise attack. Being caught into a cluster would be a difficult fight as we discussed earlier also in the multiple attackers’ article.

If you can remember the impressive video footage of a real fight starts in an elevator. Put the link on the comment

5. Drop something down while you are communicating.

Be aware, on your eyes around, keep distance, and stand with a good uppercut or any suitable surprise

6. Spit while arguing

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Spit, Attack with the element of surprise

He would try to avoid, attack surprise

7. Spill the drink, chemical, any liquid you have

While opponent distracted attack surprise

Share with me your ideas on the above-mentioned surprise attack openings and suggest more options.

Dr. Mark Phillips explains the things to do before attack in street fight

No U-turn now, finish quickly

While you open with a surprise attack, do not have any chance to half work. Do with violence. Continue effective combination.

  • Follow with low kicks, forearm, and elbow to reduce your damage
  • If the fight continues use punches
  • If continuous up to this level, better try to escape or leave.

Never be overconfident of your skills, awake from the fights of moves, do not underestimate the opponent. Do not allow your anger to control you.

As grand-master Bruce Lee said “A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough”

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