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For the best self-defense, follow the best combination of martial arts

The best martial arts combination for self-defense

Many martial arts lovers now follow not only one martial art but also a few combination of martial arts to …

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The way to prevent martial arts injuries

martial arts injuries

Nowadays, the training and tournaments of martial arts are safer like other sports. But still, some martial arts injuries have …

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Do you believe that a forward roll can save you?

Forward roll for self-defense.

Forward roll is a technique we study in martial arts and self-defense training. This is a brief description of the …

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3 tips: Can your hand positions save you in fighting?

boxing 4339271 340 DefenseTrendZ

In martial arts, there are various types of hand positions used in fighting. They depend on the style and on …

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Why yoga for martial artists: 5 Valuable tips

Yoga for martial artists

Nowadays people love to follow martial arts and Yoga also. In discussing yoga for martial artists, Martial arts and yoga, …

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6 Tips: How to Survive in a Crowd Crush

Crowd crush

Crowd crush can occur at large events. Some tips to survive in a crowd crush

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11 Safe ways to prevent robberies 

Tips to prevent robberies

The number of robberies has increased in today’s world. We may not be completely safe from being robbed. But the …

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A secret to military success: Martial arts training

Self-defense training is essential to the military.

Not only weapon training but also self-defense training is essential to the military.

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Tips to defend against a knife attack

Knife attack and sharp edge weapon attacks

Edge weapons are the most used equipment in fighting. Train to defend against knife attacks

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The top 10 self-defense weapons everyone should have.

self-defense weapons

Keeping any weapon on hand allows you to finish the fight quickly and escape danger.

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