Martial arts

For the best self-defense, follow the best combination of martial arts

The best martial arts combination for self-defense

Many martial arts lovers now follow not only one martial art but also a few combination of martial arts to …

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Why yoga for martial artists: 5 Valuable tips

Yoga for martial artists

Nowadays people love to follow martial arts and Yoga also. In discussing yoga for martial artists, Martial arts and yoga, …

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A secret to military success: Martial arts training

Self-defense training is essential to the military.

Not only weapon training but also self-defense training is essential to the military.

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Tips from the Best martial arts for self-defense

Best martial art for self-defense

Prepare with best martial arts for the self-defense I wanted to find the best martial art for self-defense before I …

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Do you believe these advantageous with Krav Maga and Systema?

Krav maga vs systema

When studying self-defense tips with, I found many efficient defense systems throughout the world. Which were developed to face …

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No one explains this secret; martial art techniques Vs Self-defense techniques

Self-defense techniques

At Defense TrendZ .com we share our experience, ideas to increase your level of self-defense. Since we consider it is …

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Warning; Do not mess with this amazing Karate experts.

Self defense by Uechi Ryu karate

Along With correct adjusting and updating any style can be made more effective to self-defense in reality. Not only in physical training but also mental training can make a proper fit for self-defense.

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Krav Maga Vs Jeet Kune Do – Discover the best self-defense

self defense

Both Jeet Kune Do & Krav Maga can prepare the individual for a dangerous situation. These martial arts/defense systems can protect the individual from an attacker or by multiple attackers, even the attackers are with weapons.

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