Self defense

Pre-attack indicators—100% sure to win the next fight.

pre-attack indicators

The opinion of self-defense experts is always to avoid fights. Avoid the bad guys with your maximum effort. But we …

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Parent’s Attention: kids Self-defense skills – Top 5

kids self-defense against bullies

As parents, we don’t like to hear that our kids are defenseless against any stranger. Kids self-defense is treated as an important concern.

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Palm attack Vs Punch: What is better to win the next fight

Open palm hand attacks

Punching the opponent is the common attack observed in street fights. It’s obvious to feel in a fight, that the …

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Eye jab: The superior self-defense weapon

aeye jab, eye poke, eye strike, poke in the eye

On the way to familiarizing the techniques of self-defense to the world, we receive knowledge, experience, and advice from experts …

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7 Tips to Attack First & Knock Out the aggressor

first attack is the key to escape the bad situation

A Person who understands self-defense concepts well, does not engage with a fight easily. If fighting is the only option to survive.

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Do not use Kicks, before studying these 5 facts.

Kicks are not effective to street fights

Leg kicks are much powerful than punches. The achievable distance of kicks is also more than the distance of punches. This article discuss the use of kicks to survive at a time we face to a danger anywhere, any time.

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7 Ways: Save from multiple attackers

pexels photo 5030527 DefenseTrendZ

You are not the Batman or Superman who have superpowers to defend from danger. Spider-man will not come from the sky to help you to bring you away from human predators (multiple attackers) around you. In the current world being attacked by others is common (See news every day)

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6 Essential self-defense practices for you

Knowladge on self-defense practices is an essential requirement

The person who faces the danger may be good in combative martial arts but due to an eye blink time mistake, the ending may go bad. Always be prepared with self-defense skills as well as the following self-defense practices which may lead you to increase the chances of survival.

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7 Ways, Krav Maga make you perfect.

Krav maga techniques

Krav Maga is an effective reality-based defense system. Founded by Hungarian veteran martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld. He was a good …

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Tips from the Best martial arts for self-defense

Best martial art for self-defense

Prepare with best martial arts for the self-defense I wanted to find the best martial art for self-defense before I …

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