Do not use Kicks, before studying these 5 facts.

Street fight of men
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Kicks are much powerful than punches. The achievable distance of a leg attack is also more than the distance of punches.

I have seen, not trained people also kick at the street fights. But can you believe the efficiency of kicks (low, high, spinning and flying) in a real fight?

This article discuss the use of kicks to survive at a time we face to a danger anywhere, any time.

Kicks: Yes or No

If the situation suitable to have kicks only they would use. All of us may not face the same situation. Aware, understand and estimate before start.

Keep all them in the tool box. Practicing kicks may improve your skills to a better level. Do not use on a wet, sandy or oily surface where potential of fall have. Why to give an easy chance to the opponent to knock you down?

Not to have uselessly in a situation of multiple attackers.

Eye on to your outfit weather it allows you or not to have a kick to opponent. Hard to do techniques effectively with Slippery shoes, tight jeans

Be simple; make you quicker as a pro

Opinion of the self-defense experts is to handle only simple kicks. This make you faster and safer at the fight. Faster kicks can stab into the target and finish the opponent to escape from the situation

Focus the kicks on knees, groin, below waist, ankle, shin, toe

Low & Mid level attacks only

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Woman is defending herself against a Gigolo. Woman is kneeing man in his testicles. Vertical shot.

Not to lift kicks much higher in attack.

Opponent has a good opportunity to block it and to have a combination of counter.

If the opponent has a chance to grab your leg he may definitely do it. You may fall down into the floor Surely, while he lifts the leg and unbalance you. Opponent may grab the opportunity of Unbalancing even for short while by spreading combination of counter attacks.

Lower kicks allow to remain in the stance powerfully. Prefer to have low kicks and mid kicks only.

Opportunity to attack with any other kick

Real confrontation is absolutely real. Cannot be considered with the situation of martial art training. No rules, no referee to control aggression, any third person can interfere to the scene and attack to the groin from the blind side of you . any attack can come from any time making surprise and worst

Following is my idea, share with me your experience to improve my knowledge on having kicks.

Highly vulnerable High kicks can you have at that time?

Roundhouse kicks fails to stop upcoming counter attack

Are you sure on the Rear kick, is it not blind? is it fast ? And finally is it accurate to have in a street fight?

What about side kick? Is it good in maintaining defense?

But practice makes a perfect man

Some of the experts pointed out the ability of kicks to create distance (Comfortable distance is considered as one of the main factors in self defense), as a finishing mode (have a powerful attack onto the weakened opponent to get the opportunity/time span to escape from the situation) and in weapon attacks.

But be careful, remember, low kicks only

Did not have a much confident in using kicks when started as a beginner. All concentration gave to the techniques from hand in defense. But, while the skills developed realized to manage the legs too. It is a continuous process of practicing years.

See the following quote by the Grand master Bruce Lee, highlighting the value not only in having practice but also to the success of the life.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee.

moreover by following above mentioned facts about the efficiency of kicks make aware you safe every time.

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Do not use Kicks, before studying these 5 facts. 4


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