Do you believe that a forward roll can save you?

Forward roll for self-defense to survive in real bad situations

Forward roll is a technique we study in martial arts and self-defense training. This is a brief description of the forward roll that is relevant to self-defense.

Practical experience of forward roll

One of our instructors had an accident while he was riding the motorcycle. Another motorcycle suddenly came onto the road. Once he tried to escape from the accident, the bike veered off the road and hit a boundary wall. His motorcycle was severely damaged, but surprise, the instructor had a small wound on his palms only. That person used the technique he studied in martial arts training. He used a forward roll.

Forward roll for self-defense

Before I write this article, I gathered some information from social media related to martial arts, mainly self-defense. since I believe it is a good source to collect updated knowledge and experience from all over the world. In plenty of answers, there were experiences that got rid of motorcycle accidents using rolling, even skateboarding.

There are several variations in this technique, and it can reduce the injuries that can happen to the individual if he has been pushed to the ground by someone. This is a way to get back on your feet efficiently and secure your self-defense against the attacker.

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Forward roll training

Showcasing these techniques in training or on stage is attractive, but as with the other self-defense techniques used in martial arts, this is also to be trained under an experienced instructor. To prevent injuries, to follow proper and efficient technique, training is mandatory. The instructor will guide you step by step, starting from a knee-down position, then from crouching to a standing position. When you train enough, this will be a natural reflection of your body.

Many of the teachers have personally experienced the requirement of teaching forward roll to their students and use enjoyable training sessions to keep them enthusiastic. The instructor, whom I explained at the beginning of this article, also emphasizes this, as I personally observed. I know one person who could not survive his life at a place near a stairway because he tripped on his leg. I think if he could handle the risk by rolling or any other technique, that person would be among us.


Falling and rolling are absolutely essential skills, not only for martial arts followers but also for others. Study the techniques seriously. Not just the rolls but the break falls too. This can be used efficiently as a self-defense skill if you get trained properly. But keep in mind that a training session of 20 minutes will not survive you, but an efficient and continuous training session can (try it for 20 years).

Think of it as an essential movement, and keep it in your toolkit to use in an emergency.

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