Do you believe these advantageous with Krav Maga and Systema?

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When studying self-defense tips with, I found many efficient defense systems throughout the world. Which were developed to face the real danger we may face anytime, anywhere. 

Krav maga and Systema, I present two effective disciplines developed as reality-based defense systems. These two are developed and proved by the results along with a strong military foundation.

By this article, I do not compare the cultural values of any country with another. And I do not compare the efficiency of each defense system/martial art. The article is comparing only the self-defense techniques, way of practicing, the concept also a little on both systems.

Please message me the reality-based martial arts you are familiar with

“Krav maga” was developed for the use of the Defense and Security forces of Israel. The origin of krav maga you can study and you may find enough articles on it.

Krav maga training for self=defense
The defense against the knife attack. The practice of Krav Maga, the self-defense martial art developed for Israel Army.

“Systema” was also developed for the use of the Russian Special Force called Spetznaz. Both of these defense systems consist of unarmed, armed, and also disarming techniques.

krav maga fighting duo sparring during training session in grimy picture id913091546 DefenseTrendZ
Systema fighting training by Soldiers

Can we learn all them?

It is obvious to feel, as the civilians who learned krav maga we may not be taught about the full techniques which the defense or security personal learned in Israel or any other country. But in considering basic self-defense skills along with the skills on managing aggression we can obtain sufficiently.

Systema is to cover the areas of self-defense of special force officers along with striking, grappling-like skills.

How do they work and how proved?

The concept of Krav maga is the self-protection of the individual in minimum time, maximum defense from the aggressor by having a counter-attack in eyeblink time aggressively. Can be used any effective dirty technique which is illegal in most of the martial arts taught to civilians in the country.

I observed in videos by the practitioners of systema, the approach to counter is different from Krav maga. As I believe they are much calm and also observable comparatively. When the correct time is itself the counter is not much aggressive also.

Practice make perfect a person

In the training of krav maga, you can learn to get rid of grappling, counterattacks, disarming weapons, control, and finally disabling the aggressor. As I experienced krav maga is not supporting following the ground techniques as BJJ or MMA.

Combined set of counter-attacks simultaneously with the defensive action to confirm the end of the fight quickly. Repeating attack until the opponent gets disabled. All the dirty attacks are to the painful parts of the human body like the eyes, groin, neck, solar plexus, spine also.

Krav maga training on self-defense

Systema also have strong striking, grappling, disarming techniques and one of the main differences with krav maga is systema movements are to kill the opponent, ground fighting techniques are taught to students in the forms of chocks, joint locks,

Apart from these I found another difference in having training. Make me correct if I’m wrong,

My experience

This is my personal experience in having krav maga training, the students are instructed to have guards to the groin, mouth shields, hand gloves. It is actually to work out with the real power, required speed, and for the sense of having hit.

But I found from the internet, in systema training, the soldiers practice without protection, sparring and ground fighting on hard floor. Practicing actual kicks, strikes on an opponent without pads, gloves. Sometimes with actual weapon stabs and cuts also.

In systema instructors are more focused on the mind as well as the abilities of the trained human body also. As per the systema experts, when we fight with tension and fear we may lose our power along with negative emotions.

Systema Health & Systema Combat

To think and follow

Finally, we can say krav maga is a self-defense system to support military personnel as well as civilians in protecting themselves from aggression.

But systema is for the soldiers of specially trained units. These special force officers are more dangerous than normal soldiers. Therefore systema is much deadliest.

Krav maga works better against an aggressive opponent. But systema, Since the fighters, are trained to follow a relaxed and smooth manner. works better against an observable, planned opponent. 

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