For the best self-defense, follow the best combination of martial arts

Many martial arts lovers now follow not only one martial art but also a few combination of martial arts to accumulate a variety of skills. Since the training of a single martial art does not cover all the scenarios of fighting in self-defense, the way the aggressor approaches you and attacks you will not be easy to handle as the actors do in cinema. And it will not be a copy of what your neighbor experienced last time. A really bad incident can happen anywhere at any time.

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Wrestling will be a proper base for self-defense skills

A word from Bruce Lee: best combination of martial arts

According to Eddie Bravo (founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu), once the great martial artist, philosopher, writer, and founder of Jeet Kune Do, Grand Master Bruce Lee said. “A guy who’s been wrestling and boxing for a year can beat a martial artist who’s been training for 15 years”. These words caused a huge argument among the people.

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Some of the arts we love are focused on striking techniques, while others are focused on grappling/ground techniques. Moreover, a large percentage of martial arts are now trained under the same rules as combat sports. I observed the discussion of experts regarding sports martial arts limitations.

Studying a set of various disciplines can take an individual’s striking skills to the next level. Not only the striking skill but also the grappling skill to a superior level. This article highlights combinations of arts that can make you an expert in striking and grappling and also add some self-defense skills. The combinations were taken from data collection and research through social media.

As I believe any martial art would not be better or worse than another, the skills of the individual who practices the art are the main element in creating super experts. In keeping with that, selecting superb combinations is also not fair. Recommend your ideal selection in the comments.

Make fine adjustments to your striking skills.

Among the striking arts, I put the following on the list:
Muay Thai: The hard training of followers makes them brutal, they use limbs as weapons to do enough damage to the opponent. Super kicking and clinching skills
Boxing: punches, head movements, and footwork

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In discussing the best combination of martial arts for self-defense: boxing plays an important role

Fine-tune your grappling skills.

In discussing grappling arts, I found few answers in the research. Many of them highlighted the following arts.
Wrestling: wrestlers are experts in taking fights to the ground, and getting the opponent under their control.
BJJ: all the required skills to get the fight to the ground, move to a dominant position, and use chokes or joint locks to finish the fight.

 best martial arts combination for self-defense
BJJ plays an important role among the best martial arts for self-defense

Add self-defense skills to the list

To be an expert in martial arts would take years of dedication, but being an expert in self-defense takes comparatively less time. Since self-defense systems like Krav Maga use natural human body movements, Even in a surprise attack, the body naturally makes these defensive movements. Suppose that when someone tries to attack me with a sucker punch, my head will move back and my hands will come to a defensive position, even though I’m not a trained person.

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Krav Maga is one of the best solutions for self-defense

Add self-defense skills by following reality-based martial arts. I put Krav Maga on the list. By studying Krav Maga, the following skills can be obtained.
Self-defense is not always fighting; avoiding confrontation is the base element. Studying this means adding some skills along with fighting skills, which may only be done in an unavoidable situation.

Self-defense skills include communication skills with the opponent, appearing confidently, understanding the body language of the attacker, maintaining the required distance, maintaining the non-confrontational stance, using surprise attacks if necessary, and using simple techniques since all the techniques we studied would not be suitable for the street.
Furthermore, the unique set of skills that cannot be obtained by studying martial arts (much closer to reality) can also be gathered.

  1. The way to defend against multiple attackers
  2. Defends from weapons (knives, weapons)
  3. Using dirty techniques that the other martial arts do not allow to use


Try to build your style after following a combination of martial arts that works for you. Train it continuously and modify the same consistently.

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