5 Essential Secrets on kids’ self-defense techniques.

From Author: This article is the second in the kids’ self-defense series. The content is mainly for parents’ attention (not for kids). The parents’ guide is essential in sharing this knowledge with the next generation.

Fighting ability is not the only means of self-defense, as we believed from the start of the DefensetrendZ team. Fighting is only necessary in extreme circumstances; avoiding fights is always the best form of self-defense.

My style? You can call it the art of fighting without fighting—Grand Master Bruce Lee. “

Parents love their kids and like to be aware of them. But they do not stay every time with the kids. They cannot protect the children for their whole lives, since the children grow and go towards their own targets for future development.

The kids should get the knowledge and training to protect themselves. Children who are unaware of self-defense are an easy target for the bad guys.

kids' self-defense
Knowledge on kids’ self-defense techniques is important

As per the experts, self-defense skills are essential for kids to survive bad real-life situations. We discussed the self-defense skills required for kids in our previous article “Parent’s Attention: Kids Self-Defense Skills – Top 5.”

Moreover, knowledge of self-defense techniques is also important nowadays. Studying self-defense skills along with proper practice of self-defense techniques will ensure your kid will be safe in the future.

The following are simple, effective, and essential self-defense techniques to be learnt by kids.

Attack vulnerable (sensitive) targets of the bad guy.

Get the chance to attack the eyes, neck, groin, and ears to stop the aggressor. Many of these attacks are difficult to block. Definitely, the bad guy would not expect such an effective attack from a kid. Using the element of surprise at the correct time can stop the aggression. Surprise attacks are discussed in this article. 7 Tips to Attack First & Knock Out the Aggressor

Strong fist

Kids should be trained to make a proper hand fist since the perfect fist is a weapon. The hand can be used to punch and can be used to hammer attack as well. (commonly used in MMA competitions to complete a knockout win while the opponent is down)

Proper training is essential to protect the hand (bones of the hand), thumb, and pinky finger from fractures while punching.

Though someone is confident in punching, the pain to the wrist and to knuckles can only be reduced by enough training. Since no gloves we have while we punch to the bad gye at the real situation. This is my personal experience in martial arts training while I’m practicing Karate. I damaged both my thumbs (due to poor fist) in my school days.

Using of Passive stance

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Passive stance is one of the best practices in self-defense

An open-handed fighting position at chest level with one leg backward is called a passive stance in modern self-defense systems.

This is to show the bad guy that your kid is not an easy target. The correct fighting stance gives the kid a confident mindset. It is handy to launch many attacks and is handy to block and defend against them also.

Make the kid balance in the tense situation, even under pressure.

Moreover, as per the experts on self-defense, it is not advisable to show the fist hand up in a fighting stance to the aggressor since it can be an encouragement to the bad guy to hit.

The perfect suggestion of the experts is the passive stance. Teach your kid to go backwards for defense. Keeping a sufficient distance gives you enough time to react.

Attacking correctly, frequently for kids’ self-defense

The continuous attack on a vulnerable part of the body of the bad guy would stop the aggression. It is not simple to do this, but training can make it a little simpler and more effective. Since training can make a person suitable for real life.

Kicks to street brawls

Practicing kicks in martial arts training can bring a kid to a level of perfection, but using kicks in a real fight should make a person think twice before doing it. Since missing of the kick to the target will cause damage to yourself.

  • opportunity to have a counter attack by the opponent.
  • If you fall, it hurts and defenitly will get hit by the opponnet.
  • Unbalance you with the surface condition of the floor.
Kid's self-defense techniques by experts
Kid’s self-defense techniques by experts

An experienced person in self-defense would train your kid on the highlighted facts in this article. The guides from such a person are efficient for the kid and will give much more confident as well. More value will be added to these facts with the practical experience and knowledge of the trainer.

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