No one explains this secret; martial art techniques Vs Self-defense techniques

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With the word “self-defense”. What are the ideas/pictures you can imagine in your mind?

Definitely, you may have a picture of martial art training among your imagines. No doubt martial art training and martial art teachers played the main role in improving the knowledge on self-defense of the public.

But in the current world, can we consider the training of martial art is fulfilling all facts as complete self-defense training.

The answer is NO.

Role of the martial art training

You may agree with me, sometimes you may argue with me the facts that we are sharing now. Same as our previous discussions, this article is not to compare any martial art with any other, furthermore not to compare any cultural values with any other.

Today we are going to discuss the differences between the training of martial arts and self-defense. In the viewpoint of self-defense of individual and loved ones.

Return on practicing

Many Martial arts are now towards to develop as a sport along with fighting skills. Practicing martial art continuously is very good since it can bring health benefits, flexibility to the body. As well as the physical development the mental development is also a result of practicing. The student of a good teacher may develop with discipline, mutual respect, confidence, a stronger connection between body and mind.

When you search the internet you may observe variously updated lists by article writers for the best martial art from the viewpoint of self-defense.

The main difference as I understand

At your martial art training, you may be asked to fight with a partner. But your teacher selects the partner for you. He/she may have the training up to the level matching you. May have discipline as you. The partner may not use illegal attacks during practice (not doing groin attack, eye-gouging, overpower on techniques). Moreover, the partner may stop when the teacher asked to do so and no third person in the class interferes with your fight by beating you surprisingly.

The above-described points are different in a violent attack can happen anywhere anytime. The aggressor who may attack at the street may not follow any of the above. Those are the main differences between martial art training and self-defense training

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Surprise knife attack

What is self-defense

Fulfilling self-defense training requirements is a different scenario.  

As I understand in transferring knowledge in self-defense, other than the self-defense techniques/movements, The individual may be educated on the law to some extent, ability to manage verbal aggression, body language, awareness of the attack/attacker, avoidance from the attack, de-escalation, and threat management. The best way to pass the awareness, generation to generation by the educational system.

To whom may concern

The training of basic skills in self-defense can be thought to anyone without barriers on age, physical disabilities, body size, or weight. These skills can be achieved comparatively in a minimum period when compared with understanding martial art skills. To get proficiency in martial art skills much longer time is required with greater commitment. That is why the dropout rate is higher in martial art training, inconsistent attendance is observed with the unconditioned physical body and unprepared mentality also     

Prepare with the self defense mindset
Be aware, Be prepared with the self-defense mindset


Although an individual can manage all the avenues in self-defense, well in manage all the situations but keep in mind, the expert advice is to avoid fights every time. Not getting into trouble is the best achievement all the time.

Please comment on the best martial art for self-defense as you understand

And comment on the skills you required to improve in surviving a real attack

All your comments will be great assistance me to develop

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