Palm attack Vs Punch: What is better to win the next fight

Almost all the defense systems use open palm heel type attacks

Punching the opponent is the common attack observed in street fights. It’s obvious to feel in a fight, that the best way to defend is by throwing punches on the opponent. But from the punches, the attacker may also hurt himself more. The knuckles and also the pinky finger can be damaged seriously any time by an eye blink time mistake.

But even an untrained person also can throw a punch at the opponent successfully.

Instead of punching, an Open palm attack is also an effective technique that can be used to escape in fights. This article is to discuss the open palm heel type attacks in the viewpoint of self-defense (in the viewpoint of getting escape of actual danger we may face anywhere any time)

After following this, you can choose the suitable action (Punching or attacking an open palm) considering the pros and cons, at the correct time correct situation, and what to deliver on the opponent for your safety.

In this article, the other open hand attacks like “chop punch” (Knife hand strikes) are not discussed and the heel type open palm attack is only discussed.

Mention other open palm attacks (Like chop punch – Knife shape hand) which may effective in facing the danger at the real fights and escaping the situations safely.

Palm attack for self-defense

Nick Drossos explains the Open palm attack & punch

Heel-type open palm attack can be used with a few variations like jab as the favorite, a powerful cross, hook, and uppercut also. But about two inches of the attack length will be reduced.

The passive stance which is considered an important strategy in self-defense is well supported to initiate the opportunity to have a heel-type attack.

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Passive stance supports to start palm attack and for many of surprise attacks

Moreover, several follow-up movements and attacks are manageable easily. Like eye poke, grab hair, collar grab, neck cranking, ear pull, pushing the opponent after the strike as well, and many more.

Almost in all the systems of martial arts/defense systems, open palm attack is available since the experienced instructors understood its soundness in self-defense. The main point is in using an open palm may not injure the bones of your hands like fist punching.

Then can’t we throw punches at real fight

Bas Rutten’s Palm strike with Fight tips

In the training of Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA-type sports the fighters use hand wraps and also gloves for the safety of both competitors. While using boxing gloves, the hand cannot be fully curled up.

The fighters without proper conditioning of knuckles may break their hands when they come into the real fights.

In my personal experience, I received at the training, we were asked always by the instructors to use the middle finger knuckle in punching, not even to have touched the pinky finger knuckle which can be easily broken. The individuals who trained without gloves and do proper conditioning like “Makiwara” can understand the correct way to land a punch on the opponent to have maximum damage. The individual who is willing to come to the level of the good condition like board breaking should have long time training and commitment on it.

Comment on other knuckle conditioning techniques you have used in the training.

Improve the punch also

A fist punch on the opponent’s teeth, the forehead can damage the bare hand in a fight. The aim is to be taken to the chin, jaw, or temple for a knockout and the protection of the hand also.

knuckles are much harder than the palm, the surface area also smaller comparatively and the knuckle can penetrate blocks & guards of the opponent. The twisting motion of a punch at the end can make it harder as well as faster. 

Knuckles can make more pain.

Be hard to Soft & Be Soft to Hard

Use your hard part of the hand to hit the opponent’s soft parts of the body and use your soft part of the hand to hit the opponents hard parts of the body.

Think twice before do

usha the 26 year old leader of the grassroots red brigade teaches the picture id465576660 DefenseTrendZ
Use effective attacks to escape in minimum time, with maximum damage to the aggressor

In the concept of self-defense, our main goal is to escape the location at a minimum time, with maximum damage to the aggressor (incapacitate him to loss any motivation to chase you or attack again). once you start the fight, no other option or turn back, make sure to do it seriously and hard.

Therefore keep practicing on both the attacks, punching as well as heel-type open palm attacks. use combinations techniques also. Select the most suitable attack for the situation which more supports you to escape easily. 

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