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Kids self-defense is treated as an important concern nowadays. As parents, we don’t like to hear that our kids are defenseless against any stranger elsewhere moreover we don’t like to hear that our kids are helpless against any of the bullies at the school or playground.

Unexpected incidents can happen at any time but preparing the kids in advance to face confidently to them is an essential requirement. Education on self-defense concepts is the answer to avoid/minimize this type of challenge.

Self-defense is to make the individual understand the situation before it happens. Keep in mind, it is not about hitting others, counter attacks or having physical force against the bullies every time. The self-defense concepts are in several avenues

  • Avoiding fights
  • De-escalation
  • Self-confidence
  • Threat recognition – Identifying the danger of situations & assessing them
  • Ability to think fast and act fast – Decide the way to handle
  • Self-control of kid

For more details read the article – 6 Essential self-defense practices for you

This article discusses some important self-defense skills to be understood by kids (But not the self-defense techniques/movements are described here)

Self-defense for kids explain by Master Wong with Ginger Ninja Trickster

Body language

Show your confidence to others. Bullies are willing to get easy targets they don’t like to have problems with school authorities. Ask your kid to show personality by body language.

  • Walk confidently (plan your walk also not only the work), be aware of surround
  • Keep neutral eye contact (Shows your personality, leadership)
  • Smile with others (Make social connections and Kid may not isolate in the society )

Stay in groups

Ask your child to stay in groups, work as teams. Bullies don’t get targets from groups they want isolated kids always. Be always with one or two others (As possible). Make your kids into a cluster of friends by giving them opportunities in sports and societies.

Give an easy way to contact you in an emergency. They may feel confident with it. Keep your contact with the kid, then any teacher or adult can easily contact you 

Strong voice for kids self-defense

beautiful kid in protection from attack on black background picture id1220057842 DefenseTrendZ
Strong voice is an effective weapon for self-defense

Punches, kicks, knee attacks are powerful weapons a kid can be trained to use. But believe the most effective weapon in the viewpoint of self-defense is the strong voice.

Asking for help by a kid can get the attention of others (teachers, adults, security) easily. Educate your kid about the importance of a strong voice. Bullies get back off while they get others’ attention.

Then the kid has the chance to Runaway from the locations and escapes the danger.

No fights

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Leave fights & inform any responsible adult

before the situation goes wrong educate your kid to leave the location. It is not cowardly to do so. Walking away requires more courage. Then inform to teacher, coach, or a responsible adult. Try to realize this to your kid.

Moreover think, You win or you lose, the fights can lead to serious issues.

  • The violence of fights (we don’t know the time, the aggressor drag a knife or gun)
  • Injuries
  • Legal actions after the fight
  • Not a good recognition to the child among teachers, society, similar age group

Walk away is one of the best to avoid fights (But may not be the only one suited to all the situations).

Martial art training

Martial art training is good for kids self-defense
Young children working in pair mastering new self-defense moves at gym

A Kid can learn effective movements from the experts to escape the situation. Bullies get surprised (helpless) and leave the location while observing super movements by kids.

See this article by Grand Master Hanshi Moti Horensteinwas. Explains the importance of the education in kids self defense.

Kids have enough opportunities to train with elders, experts who have much experience in real situations.

The kid will learn not only the physical activities and exercises to build strength. The corporation, discipline, boosts confidence level and sportsmanship during the training.

My personal experience in our culture is, I learned to work as a team (Practice, study, share, and caring others) not only in the class but also for a lifetime. Comment on the personal development you received from your martial art training.

Before your kids martial art training read this article – Tips from the Best martial arts for self-defense

Think more

Comment on your ideas to improve the self-defense of kids and ways to educate them on attractive methods. We can discuss the essential self-defense techniques for kids in the next article

Love, care, and be close to your children. To be happy parents your kids might have strong life skills as well as self-defense skills.

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