6 Tips: – Improve punching as a weapon for self-defense.

Punch to the face

In a real-life bad situation, the obvious choice for an attack or for a counterattack is a punch. Whether you are trained in martial arts or not trained in martial arts, our mentality allows us to launch punches even under pressure. Therefore, being an expert at punching is like keeping a weapon for self-defense.

Dr Mark Phillips explains the efficiency of the punch in self-defense.

“There’s only one basic principle of self-defense. You must apply the most effective weapon, as soon as possible, to the most vulnerable target. -Bruce Lee “

By adding the following facts, your punch will be an excellent weapon that has the real power of a knockout. Hitting the chin, temple, throat, and jaw are considered in this article.

We discussed the efficiency of the open palm attack earlier  <Palm attack Vs. Punch: What is better to win the next fight>

The proper fighting stance

Different defense systems practice footwork and the ready position of hands differently. If there is a real danger that comes suddenly (while the opponent uses the element of surprise), you may not find enough time to prepare. Your natural body movements will help you to defend, but having proper training will be an advantage.

After a few seconds, if you can adjust to a stance or any safe position, I personally believe that the rear hand at the chin is a better position until the rear hand launches the attack. This rear hand position can guard the head as well as the rib cages. Personally, I have experienced the importance of this guard in my martial arts training. The cheek weld position welded to my mind after having painful jaw attacks.

Move towards opponent

Before the fight, try to keep a distance that gives enough time to react (backward steps while the aggressor advances the position). However, keep in mind to advance your steps while attacking.It gives the full capability of the body to the punch when it comes with the correct technique and at the perfect time.

Practice sound technique.

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focus on fist.

The correct technique of punching can make the attack perfect. The techniques are designed to complete the action efficiently and have proven practically as well for years.

Your punch should have the power to stop the opponent. If you miss it or have it without enough power, the opponent can get a chance to hit you. This is dangerous. Use power and speed to get them through practice. I believe that the time of attack is the easiest time to have a counter attack. 

Use the element of surprise

Be the first attacker (only, If the situation has come to the unavoidable level for fighting). Do the attack fast and use the element of surprise. Your opponent would not have a chance to counter you. The surprise attacker has more chances to win, since he can use the free attacks, which he is much more confident in doing.

Being the first attacker with the element of surprise is discussed in this article <7 Tips to Attack First & Knock Out the aggressor>

Penetrate the opponent

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The action takes place on a professional ring with high weight sportsmen. A sportsman in yellow shorts kicks off the soul of the opponent. All wear unbranded cloth and sport equipment

While we are doing martial art training, this mistake is common. The students launch punches not to penetrate the body of the opponent (less in distance), or away from the face (not to the target). Both of these are wrong and will not support training each other to develop the essential martial art techniques.

Since in really dangerous situations, we have to launch an attack on the aggressor to penetrate his body.

No pause until the finish

Do not expect mercy from the aggressor you meet in the real situation. Do not stop attacking; continue punching till the knockout. Confirm that the danger is unavailable, leave the location as soon as possible.

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