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June, 2023

  • 7 June

    For the best self-defense, follow the best combination of martial arts

    The best martial arts combination for self-defense

    Many martial arts lovers now follow not only one martial art but also a few combination of martial arts to …

May, 2023

  • 31 May

    The way to prevent martial arts injuries

    martial arts injuries

    Nowadays, the training and tournaments of martial arts are safer like other sports. But still, some martial arts injuries have …

December, 2022

  • 3 December

    A secret to military success: Martial arts training

    Self-defense training is essential to the military.

    Not only weapon training but also self-defense training is essential to the military.

October, 2021

  • 21 October

    No one explains this secret; martial art techniques Vs Self-defense techniques

    Self-defense techniques

    At Defense TrendZ .com we share our experience, ideas to increase your level of self-defense. Since we consider it is …