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knife attacks

Put ‘em down, take ‘em out, Knife Fighting Techniques from Folsom Prison” is a great book of real knife fights. The book was written by Don Pentecost.

(The book) has some uniqueness among similar publications. The book was structured by the author from his own experience, which was gathered from the extremely violent background. The facts he used to explain in the publication are real experiences of knife fights from Folsom prison.

This video explains the concept of Don Pentecost

Fighter and a writer he is, Don Pentecost.

As per Don Pentecost, many of the writers are not fighters, but the author has actually been at the prison, experiencing the actual violence. To survive the real violence we may face anywhere, any time, he suggested we prepare with these concepts.

Book summarized to a sentence

He summarized the concept highlighted by the book in the sentence below.

Someone may believe that I have sufficient knowledge of knife fighting from books, magazines, and martial arts training. Until he faces an actual knife fight, all the above are just theories. As I understand, the importance of the facts detailed in this book is shown in this single sentence to the readers.

Travel to the facts in its

The language used by the author is simple in describing the difference in between fantasy of knife fighting and the reality.

The author uses an attractive language style in describing the facts deeply. Following main chapters I attracted a lot of the publication.

  • Knife Fighting Basics
  • Myths about knife fights
  • Knife attacks
  • Defending against a knife attack
  • Training to survive
John Maynard shows Surprise knife attacks. Be prepared to avoid & counter

Prepare and be observed for knife attacks.

Among his suggestions to prepare for the danger, he pointed out a few. The following is my favorite of his knowledge sharing.

crime and security concept a thief with a knife is going to attack picture id1171077748 DefenseTrendZ
Aware the surround

According to him, we cannot believe in a technique in a death situation or in a real danger. The opportunity may come suddenly at a time of eye blink. be observed every time. React correctly, use your full effort and do your maximum until you feel safe.

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The chances of survival can be increased by avoiding, controlling fear, and following correct tactics.

Golden instruction

knife crime picture id972029220 DefenseTrendZ
Criminal with knife weapon hidden behind his back to have a surprise knife a

Not good to do an offensive attack while the opponent hold a knife in his retracted position. We may not initiate, countering is advisable for this situation.

Experienced attacker may retract the knife until the guard opening to conduct the deadliest attack. Do not expect a mercy from the attacker and awake from the fantasy of single attack and be prepared for combination of several attacks

The author’s suggestion is not to use the weapon in lead hand. At the fight range the leading is to be done by the bare hand. The opening may be a bare hand jab, holding the collar neck and jab with an equipment or a cloth. Since it can start the fight & also it opens the opportunity to the rare hand which is holding the weapon.

This is true for all the weapons not only to the knife, but also a police baton, screw driver, stick, hammer or a spanner also.

Knowledge share

If you observed any other publication of the same author please comment.

If you know a place to buy the book please comment.

If you find any other publication which describes the reality of fighting, please comment. All of the above, knowledge sharing, will provide us with an opportunity to grow.

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