The challenge of women self-defense training.

Do you believe that self-defense training for all is essential?

Furthermore, Do you believe that women self-defense has to cover special areas too?

Please comment below about your idea.

I believe women training may cover more avenues

You may agree with me some times you may not agree with me.

When we refer to the news from the current world, we observe an increasing number of aggression on women. The men who live with abusive personalities try to make a victim.

As well as martial art training, it is important in having self-defense training too.

We continually discussed the importance of having martial art training.

The instructors may guide their students not only to transfer martial art knowledge in the viewpoint of sport or competition oriented but also to make the awareness on self-defense. Due to the difference between of above pieces of training as we discussed in our previously published articles.

Women, Why you need special in self-defense

I believe the women self-defense training may have included different areas from the training of men. No matter practicing and being familiar with the concepts by both of us.

Since a person is with an intention of sexual harassment on a woman can be forced onto the ground to control her during the assault. Passing the knowledge in rape prevention is much different than other concepts of self-defense. The attack on an individual for theft or robbery may be different from the attack on a woman who is going to be a victim of sexual harassment.

Victim of a non-stranger

This made more questionable with the statics observed that the higher percentage of these types of non-fatal sexual harassments are happened by a non-stranger.

Do you believe it?

Yes, the highest percentage was recorded from a neighbor, coworker, or acquaintance of herself.

This is the reason that she may be empowered on skills such as body language, verbal aggression management, awareness of attack, prevention attack, and de-escalation other than martial art training.

I’m not an easy victim.

These skills along with basic self-defense skills can show an attacker that she is not an easy victim.

Be aware always, be prepared always

Apart from them, the awareness of the surrounding is also questionable with a modern busy life. After completion of day-to-day work, people are relaxing from the stress. In relaxing now we are using mobile phone checking our own social media updates is not a matter but if the face is always down to the phone may lead us to be unnecessarily unaware of the surround.

Give a moment to hold your head high, look at the people around you, and let them that you are aware of the situation.

Awareness along with your self-defense skills may protect you. You may have a chance to ask for help, have an eye gouge, or have a surprise attack on the groin of the attacker.

Personal experience

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Practicing on women self-defense techniques with male partners

Personally, I observed the following when I had my training. You can comment on this whether it is the same in your culture also. Every time female students in the training may get a female training partner in drills. But a female partner may not use the actual power, speed in the training as compared to actual violent conditions. Apart from this, even a male partner cannot do the real power to the female partner. This is common for both males and females, the actual challenging workout is doubtful.

Instructors also not allowed to use actual power and speed since many of the students may have injuries at the end of the workout.

My suggestion is to have padded assistance to the training. Practice with actual power, speed and to be realistic in counter. The chances of survival may increase with this training method.

On the other hand, especially women may not find enough time for weekly training. With the commitments of work, kids, the family they may drop out of the training. Well planned schedule along with essential area covering programs are to be prepared.


Empowering women with self-defense, as well as men, shall have more realistic in self-defense.

Crime prevention, sexual harassment prevention defense training to fight against real violent criminals are to be studied by all and to be treated as essential training requirement.

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