The way to prevent martial arts injuries

Nowadays, the training and tournaments of martial arts are safer like other sports. But still, some martial arts injuries have been reported.

Personally, our goals in martial arts training may be different, but consistency in training plays a significant role. The injuries can affect the individual’s performance. Training may have to stop or continue with light training, participation in tournaments or any grading can be affected. Not only that but also the work performance of the job as well.

The teachers recommend a warm-up with stretching before the advanced movements to reduce injuries since the warm-up can prepare the body’s muscles for the demands we will put on them.

Injuries from martial arts training

I observed adult beginners get into injuries frequently, sore muscles, shin splints are common, which cause discomfort for the next few days. Young beginners were also injured, but not as much as adults. Bruises and cuts are the results every day after training. In our countries, we use Ayurvedic treatments to recover by applying Ayurvedic oil. Commonly use sprays and gels as medicines to recover.

The injuries are not only limited to beginners, experienced students can also get them because they are performing advanced movements with more power, and the number of times they continue the training is comparatively higher.

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Return to training after martial arts injuries

The injured student should inform the teacher about the injury. It is important to be honest with the teacher all the time. Regarding the pain, the body area that hurts, the activity that you believe causes it, and the doctor’s recommendation too. Be careful not to get another injury.

The individual must be recovered before he returns to training. Some of the students who have the passion to follow martial arts, self-defense do not like to miss any class or training sessions. But it is important to release the pain 100%, have the ability to have the workout with the required strength, and have the range of body movements in their natural condition.

Recovery of the body

Recovery is a main component of martial arts and self-defense training that can significantly impact our ability to improve and our future success. You can prevent injuries, prevent overtraining, and increase motivation by recovering the body properly. You’ll feel relaxed and prepared to put in a lot of effort if you get quality rest in between training sessions.

Following are a few methods to recover the body:

  1. Range of motion and mobility of joints

The individual’s performance can be reduced if he has limitations in the range of motions. Improving the range of motion through mobility exercises can help decrease the risk of injuries. A lot of martial arts teachers guide their students to follow yoga to promote more movement and mobility.

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  1. Sleep

Sleep is also an essential element of recovery. In general, you have to try to get at least six hours of sleep each night. Lesser sleeping hours are not good for the body (not only for martial arts followers but also for all). While we’re sleeping, our bodies prepare to repair from the stress of training and daily life. Enough sleeping hours are needed to recharge the body.

Recovery from injuries

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All major injuries, like cracks or broken bones, broken teeth, eye pains, and dislocations, obviously require immediate medical treatment.

Martial artists use a few methods to get their injuries recovered. These are called RICE techniques.

Rest – Rest is important, as per the physician’s advice. It will be a good way to recover the injured parts. In the resting period, it is advisable to be immobile for a period, then have assisted movements like personal support, knee supports, and hand supports. Keeping the weight off the injured part while walking and working is also important.

Ice – Using ice can reduce pain and inflammation.

Elevation: keeping the painful area in an elevated position will cause a speedy recovery.

The 8 Best Recovery Techniques For Martial Arts Training


Recovery from injuries and avoiding injuries to the maximum extent are important, as is training.

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