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Prepare with best martial arts for the self-defense

I wanted to find the best martial art for self-defense before I started my training. When I have a few minutes of leisure, I usually research effective martial arts on the internet. I searched a lot for the locations, time schedules of training. 

Since I work for a busy company with long-hour work shifts and tight targets, I had to find the correct option that matched all the above requirements (My priority was self-defense).

While doing a search on the internet,

What are the best martial arts for self-defense?

What are the suitable martial arts to survive street fights?

The best martial arts for real-world situations

Results for the question

I found several lists by veteran authors. All of them are practitioners and instructors of defense programs. Some of them are founders of new styles. They put the martial arts into the lists or out of the lists according to their viewpoint. Furthermore, the various authors selected the martial arts for the various positions.

Best martial arts for self-defense

I found the following martial arts from those lists: Krav Maga, MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ju Jutsu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Aikido, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Kung-Fu, Sambo, Tai Chi, Hapkido, Arnis, Ninjutsu, Systema, Kenpo, Keysi Fighting Method, Capoeira, Penac Silat, Savate, Sanda, Lethwi, Defence Lab, The Approach.

If I have missed any martial art popular in your country or in your culture, please comment on it to share your knowledge and experience.

Keysi Fighting

This article is not to compare any martial arts/defense systems but to discuss the differences between lists in my opinion.

Some of these lists consist of 5 martial arts, some of them are 7, 11. I found a list of 17 martial arts also. 

Summary from the lists

Krav Maga was at the top of all of the lists, as was MMA (mixed martial arts). “Krav maga” with “MMA” was also highlighted in one of them, saying the perfectness by covering both.

The Russian martial art “Systema” (we discussed Systema with Krav Maga in a previous article) was also found on the lists, but only in a few. May systema is unavailable to civilians in many countries. If you find systema training in your country for civilians, be kind to share it in the comments.
Systema Techniques – Considered as one of the best martial arts in the world

In a few lists, I observed the “Keysi fighting method.” highlighting the movies that used this method, especially “Batman Begins” and “Jack Reacher” . The movement of this defense system was a new experience for martial art enthusiasts, as it was built on the founders’ real-life experiences. The movements are composed to survive under the attack of the individual against multiple opponents.

I remember another Japanese martial art prepared for military purposes and founded by Yoshitaka Inagawa named “Zero Range Combat System,” which was made famous by the Japanese film Re-Born (2016).

Only in one list, I observed “Defence Lab” and “The Approach”. Which are two modern martial arts built with the real experiences of fighting. But still not much popular all over the world.

To think again

When searching on the above-mentioned questions at the beginning of this article. Can only we recommend the premier numbers of the lists?

My idea is NO.

The martial arts in premier positions may be good in preparation for street defense. An individual who prepares to get the skills against real-world attacks may follow them. 

But the last numbers of the list may also give better skills in body and mind control, respectfulness, relaxation, and confidence also.

Jiu-Jitsu is one of the best martial arts for self-defense
Practicing Jiu-Jitsu with sparring partner on the ground.

In finally, as per the recommendation of many experts, I would like to say the combination of “Boxing” and 

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” is highlighted in many articles.

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Young man boxing at the punching bag

Comment your idea from your experience and also consider the availability to get learn around the world for all of us. It will keep the world safe for the next generation.

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