Tips to defend against a knife attack

Learning how to use and defend against knife attack is an important part of self-defense. Handling and training for defending against knives must be done carefully. Otherwise, the individual may suffer severe consequences.

Instructors and students give a lot of consideration to these practical sessions due to the real requirement of them in modern society. Edge weapons are the most used equipment in fighting.

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Always be alert; danger lurks around every corner.

Knife attacks are dangerous

Knives, according to self-defense experts, are both simple and complex. They are simple to use in a fight. Dragging it to the assailant’s hand from the hidden pouch and having a slash or a stab to the body is simple, but the damage to the individual’s body would be complex.

Train your mind and body to defend against knife attacks.

To avoid damage from weapons, many martial arts trainers use non-cut weapons, such as rubber or plastic weapons. As per the self-defense experts, practicing with non-cutting tools can limit your mental condition. Suppose you are in a really bad situation on the road, in a cafeteria, or in a washroom. the attacker wielding a knife or other cutting-edge weapon. You would be perplexed to get action against the aggressor. Your reaction would be slower in the face of an attack. Obviously, the ability to escape the situation would be less. Having trained with real weapons can increase your ability to survive.

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Not only knives use sharp edges/pointed weapons to train

I can remember my father had a dagger. It was made with an “elk horn handle.”. He used it to practice the techniques against knife attacks with the supervision of his Karate instructor. The karate teacher was a famous senior instructor in the late 1970s. The master may have realized the importance of practicing with real cutting weapons.

Defend from sharp edge attacks

Use real knives and sharp edges to practice

See for more detail <Self-defense against knife attacks: evidence-based approach>

Add some training to your schedule with real knives, not only knives use alternative sharp cutting edges, but pointed tools as well. Attack by a screw driver, edged wooden parts have the same severity as a weapon attack can make. We can train our minds to defend against improvised weapons by practicing only under real-world conditions. The young assailant carrying a screwdriver to attack you has the same ability to damage you as the trained terrorist who comes to have a knife attack.

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Pointed tools can be used as weapons

Not for theory, but to prepare for a knife attack

As veteran writer, Don Pentecost said in his book “Put Em Down, Take Em Out!: Knife Fighting Techniques from Folsom Prison ” we may have the mindset that we know all about knife fighting from books, magazines, and martial arts training. Until we have faced a real knife attack, all these are just theories.

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