Why yoga for martial artists: 5 Valuable tips

Nowadays people love to follow martial arts and Yoga also.

In discussing yoga for martial artists, Martial arts and yoga, the concepts seem different since the martial arts give the idea of fighting, weapons, self-defense, challenge, and championships while yoga shows flexibility, benevolence, compassion, and mental stability.

But in studying deeply, I observed that some concepts of martial arts are derived from yoga practices. Both of these focus on the movements and how to improve them to a precision level. The practice brings awareness to the surroundings, and the commitment brings mindfulness.

Following are a few facts about how yoga and martial arts create a proper combination and how the combination makes the individual perfect.

Flexibility to the body

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Yoga improves flexibility.

Flexibility is important, In discussing yoga for martial artists. Yoga poses can stretch muscles, bring fluidity to joints, and improve flexibility. This can reduce injuries. Furthermore, flexibility can improve your attack strategy as well as your ability to hold submissions. It is a versatile ability for a martial artist that provides the power and speed that martial arts practitioners require.

Increases Endurance through yoga

It is difficult to hold a yoga pose for an extended period, but with practice, anyone can learn how to do it correctly. This will increase the endurance required to practice martial arts.

Flexibility and balance earned through yoga would boost physical and mental endurance as well.

Focused breathing

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For maximum results, different breathing techniques are followed while doing yoga poses. The poses can integrate the mind and body with the support of stretching and breathing techniques. This prepares our bodies and minds to fight.

Yoga for martial artists to prevent the Injuries

Tightening of muscles can be caused by training in martial arts, since we like to follow the way which is easy to do, get the best speed, having with maximum power. Either right or left-side over-development can happen. yoga can loosen the muscles from tightness and improve the range of motion.

The mind supports understanding if the individual is taking a weak stance in attacking or defending, to get correct before it leads to unnessasary injuries.

Boost core strength of the body

Not only does yoga direct you to meditation, flexible though it seems, in practicing yoga, but we also have to hold the challenging poses for extended periods. This gives the martial artist the strength to launch powerful attacks. Although it feels uncomfortable initially, the longer you hold the poses stronger muscles can be obtained Relax your body and mind.

If the individual can attend a yoga session after the martial arts class, it can encourage the body to recover and relax the mind as well.

This is my personal experience; all the well-known yoga teachers in my country initially started with karate or any other martial art. Some of them still practice their initial martial art.

As young martial arts students, many of us loved to do hard conditioning exercises to have powerful attacks. We followed some exercises we watched in popular movies, but there is some doubt about the results that body over-stiffening (shin, arm) can cause in the latter. Once, my yoga teacher said he had recovered his body since following yoga. Now he is a yoga teacher and an officer of the karate Federation of the country as well.

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